Piper MGB EV1 Revealed

Piper MGB EV1 Revealed

PSV is proud to announce completion of our fully electric powered MGB Roadster!

We have converted a true classic British MGB sports car giving it 120 bhp of instant electric power.

We have developed our own EV classic car system, using proven proprietary parts built into the MGB roadster chassis, and the same system can be installed in the MGB GT version, or indeed any classic car.

We have achieved a secure handling weight distribution, and a range prediction of more than 120 miles, and a possible top speed of 100 mph (where legally allowed). This with a gain in weight of only half a passenger, in a highly tuneable chassis, makes the most of the increased torque and power provided by the PSV electric powertrain.

Piper MGB EV1 Final checks
Piper MGB EV1 Gear selector

We have already started on our next conversion, a 1973 Lotus Elan +2…

Contact us if you would like to chat about your own electric classic British sports car conversion.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an entirely new classic car that’s been built from the ground up and powered by an electric motor, please visit our sister company Piper Electric Vehicles