PIPER EV Conversions

For our new breed of customer, who demands to drive sustainably, conscious of environmental attitudes, we have the answer…

We have worked with a leading local component supplier, Zero EV, to develop an EV conversion system that can be installed in any classic car. So, you have the best of both worlds, we know inside out how to do very high-class restorations, and we can install our own latest electric classic car technology.

If you don’t already own a classic car, we can source the car of your dreams and then convert it for you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an entirely new classic car that’s been built from the ground up and powered by an electric motor, please visit our sister company Piper Electric Vehicles

Alex Piper at Piper Special Vehicles

The Piper EV Conversion team is led by Alex Piper, John’s son, who has a BSc degree in Product Design. For each conversion the customer car is laser scanned to provide the available battery pack space and allow the best battery installation to be designed in 3D Computer Aided Design software (CAD).

The CAD model is then used to produce the bespoke battery casing and the other intricate parts needed to manufacture a high specification system, that is then installed in each individual customers’ car by PSV technicians.

Piper MGB EV1 electric vehicle

Piper MGB EV1 Revealed


We have converted a true classic British MGB sports car giving it 120 bhp of instant electric power.

Piper SV is now certified to the top Level 3 City Guilds training for its EV Conversions

Piper SV City & Guilds EV Cert