Modern materials, technologies and techniques enable us to produce vehicles that go beyond the original performance parameters, delivering both contemporary performance and reliability while maintaining the spirit of the original car.


Within any vehicle there are limits that have been set for the car – the amount of power, handling and braking it gives.

By improving the fundamental systems – ignition, fuelling, transmission, braking, steering, cooling and electrics we we are able to set new parameters for a vehicle bring the performance up to date with the ride and handling of a contemporary sports car.

MGB Crossflow EFI


Our standards for quality begin with the basics. Every vehicle passing through our workshop has to meet a fundamental level of quality before we focus on the work to make it truly stand out.


Bringing a vehicle back to life, reinvigorating it using today’s engineering means we can recreate any classic car making it better than when it originally rolled off the production line.

1929 Riley 9 Brooklands VE2986

Special Care

Whether you drive your special vehicle once a month or once a day or whether it’s for racing or recreation, we can help take special care of your car with vehicle support and maintenance tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your vehicle.

Jaguar E Type Series 1 1966 FHC 4.2

Vehicle Sourcing

We have the knowledge and the network to help you find the type of special vehicle you are looking for whether it’s a classic roadster, racing car or even a rally car.

Piper EV Conversions

In response to the new breed of customer who demands to drive sustainably we can now make it possible for them to still enjoy their own lovely classic car. If they would like a classic car but worry that its not in line with the changing environmentally conscious attitudes, then we have the answer.

We have worked with a leading local EV company and developed an EV conversion system that can be installed in any of the classic cars that are our normal stock in trade experience.

So, you have the best of both worlds, we know inside out how to do very high-class restorations, and we can install our own latest electric classic car technology.

If you don’t already own a classic car, we can source the car of your dreams and then convert it for you.

Current cars that are in our workshop for EV conversion:

MGB Roadster and a Lotus Elan +2.